Charlotte and Kerry

Charlotte and Kerry

Art by Macarena Perez

Kerry Rhys-Hansen (right) is the Chosen Chronicler and narrator of Paxwood. She uses she/her pronouns.

Charlotte Muso (left) is Kerry’s best friend. She uses she/her pronouns and goes by the nickname Char.

In The Haunting of Paxwood House, Kerry and Charlotte are finishing their sophomore year at Paxwood High.

Alex (and Arcie)

Art by @Doki_Dolly

Alex Cardoso teaches shop at Paxwood High and assists their father in running Cardoso Auto, the oldest auto repair shop and gas station in Paxwood. They use they/them pronouns and go by Mx. Cardoso with students.

Arcie, or RC, short for Reepicheep, is Alex’s pet mouse.

Alex and his mouse

Other Characters, in order of named appearance

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