Paxwood is the culmination of over ten years of writing, worldbuilding, dreaming, and planning, and I want to bring it to you in all its epic glory. The series spans about twelve planned novels across four major story arcs, with tightly interwoven character storylines that explore the many facets of the “chosen one” trope–the burden placed on chosen ones against their will, what happens when chosen ones defy their callings, the chosen ones who survive their destinies (and those who don’t), the people who see a problem that needs to be addressed and simply choose themselves.

And, let’s face it: Since the beginning of the pandemic, life has been strange and people need to find small joys. One of the small joys I found was the Twitch writing community. I wanted to choose one of my projects that I could livestream and share openly and freely with anyone else who needs the spark of joy I found spending days at home lost in the words in good virtual company.

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